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STEM Learning Lab has developed various STEM Kits to help you deliver educational programming into your classroom or after-school program. Take a look at our listing below and click on the Add to Cart links to purchase a kit that will be perfect for you and your little inventor, thinker, player and artist!

The Humanoid Robotics Kit

This kit offers an introduction to robotics technology. Students will gain skills in programming, engineering and design thinking while they explore how robots and technology impact our life on earth and in space. This kits supports 12-16 hours of instruction.

Individual Kit: $455.00* +$40.00 Shippingjaydenrobotgirl

  • 1 Humanoid robot and curriculum 

Classroom Kit: $2,250.00* with Free Shipping

  • 5 Humanoid robot and curriculum 

School Kit: $3,995.00* with Free Shipping jd

  • 10 Humanoid robot and curriculum 

All kits include

  • 8 NGSS-aligned elementary and middle school lessons
  • Robot includes: Camera, speech, voice rand color recognition software, and an easy action-frame programming interface.


Mars Exploration Kit

Through hands-on inquiry students will design, engineer and prototypean ecosystems that can sustain life on Mars. They will explore systems on Earth and design an ecosystem prototype that can exist on Mars. Cultural diversity, biodiversity, sustainability and more while they put into practice the engineering design process. Students will also learn to build, wire, and program a Mars Rover to detect water and minerals on their model planet.

Individual Kit: $445.00* + $40.00 Shippingroli


  • 1 Mars Rover Robot and curriculum 

Classroom Kit: $2,250.00*

  • 5 Mars Rover Robots and curriculum

School Kit: $3,950.00* 

  • 10 Mars Rover Robots and curriculum 

All kits include

  • NGSS-aligned curriculum
  • 10-20 hours of classroom instruction
  • Robot includes: Camera, speech, voice rand color recognition software, and easy action-frame programming interface.

Battles and Games Robotics Kit

In this fun-filled introductory robotics kit, students will learn to build, wire and program a robot and complete various challenges, play fun games and even battle! Students will gain communication and collaboration skills as they enhance their understanding of mathematical concepts like geometry, movement and location in a fun and engaging way.

Individual kit: $280.00* + $40.00 Shippingadventurebot

  • 1 Adventure Bot and curriculum 

Battle Kit: $540.00* + $40.00 Shipping

  • 2 Adventure Bots and curriculum  

Classroom Kit: $1,560.00* Free Shipping

  • 6 Adventure Bots and curriculum 

School Kit: $2,500.00* Free Shipping

  • 10 Adventure Bots and curriculum 

All kits include

  • NGSS-aligned curriculum
  • 4-10 hours of classroom instruction
  • Robot includes: Camera, speech, voice rand color recognition software, Easy action-frame programming interface

Engineering Design Kit

This print-based Engineering Design kit support students in exploring the world of engineering. From structural to civic engineering, and mechanical engineering, this digital kit piques curiosity through hands-on engagement in fun, real-world projects. Through various problem-based design projects, students apply the engineering design process to gain an understanding of various aspects and fields in engineering. Students will experience solving problems like a real-world engineer.

marsClassroom Kit: $95.00* + $20.00 Shipping 

This kit includes

  • NGSS-aligned curriculum
  • Middle school teacher guide
  • Student guide (student hand-outs)
  • 15-20 hours of instructio

Designing a Virtual Robotics World

By using a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® simulator, this kit gives each students a personalized robotics experience where they will virtually design, build and coding their own robot to complete various design challenges in our cutting-edge simulator. In this kit, NO HARDWARE is needed for every student to design, build, and play with their own robot.

This is a subscription-based virtual kit. Seats are $15 per month per device, plus a one-time set-up fee of $125.00 per school. One Month Purchase Package (no commitment to purchase a recurring subscription).


  • 1 Seat License and Set-up Fee $140.00*


  • 5 Seat Licenses and Set-up Fee $200.00*
  • 10 Seat Licenses and Set-up Fee $275.00*
  • 20 Seat License and Set-up Fee $425.00*
  • 40 Seat License and Set-up Fee $725.00*

This kit includes

  • 5 NGSS-aligned lessons for middle school


Design Thinking 101

Cdesignthinkingreating innovators that are able to solve the problems of tomorrow using the emerging technologies will be a critical skill for our students. Through this 10-hour Design Thinking experience, middle school students will learn about ideation, rapid prototyping, and the iterative process as they design and redesign solutions that address real world problems.

Classroom Kit: $95.00*

This kit includes

  • NGSS-aligned curriculum for middle school
  • 10 hours of classroom instruction

*All kits are 6-8 week delivery and subject to availability. All prices listed are in USD. For further information please Contact Us.