Design Thinking

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Human-centered design thinking is a methodology used by designers, engineers, teachers, students and entrepreneurs to solve complex problems. This approach starts with empathy to explore the needs of who is most affected by the problem and then designs a solution with empathy most in mind. Teaching and learning using human-centered design is a way to design curriculum and assessment in all subjects and grades and is being adopted as a way to teach 21st-century learning skills such as entrepreneurship, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. It is mandatory for all teachers in British Columbia to become trained in design thinking and is being considered by the Alberta Department of Education as well.

STEM Learning Lab offers engaging, hands-on, interactive workshops on design thinking. Participants will take on a collaborative design challenge and hear real-world applications of the design process from experts in business, art, or technology. Past design thinking workshops have been held at TransCanada Pipeline, The City of Calgary Public Library, Calgary`s Teachers’ Convention (in partnership with Mindfuel) and various Calgary area schools.

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