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In partnership with STEM Learning Lab, the National Sport Academy presents the National Sport Academy Connected Campus (NSACC) Program. This is a unique program that accommodates the busy lifestyle of student athletes by providing them with a flexible, “non-traditional” school experience. In this way, student athletes can successfully complete the Alberta Curriculum while still being able to attend mid-day training sessions, and travel to far-away tournaments and championships. Student athletes have the opportunity to complete their coursework in the STEM Learning Lab classroom where they will be provided with the necessary educational tools and the face-to-face academic support required for their success. Academic learning coaches (ALC’s) will be on site to provide one-on-one, or small group, support and to ensure students follow their prescribed academic schedules. For more information or to register your child in the National Sport Academy Connected Campus Program, please choose from the options below.

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*If you are a non-athlete who could benefit from the flexibility offered through this program, please contact fariha@stemlearninglab.com to register!*